Don was born in Mt. Vernon, NY to an immigrant Italian family. He endured all the  challenges faced by first generation Italian/American children and he lived to tell
about them! The name "Dapper Don" was chosen for his classy gentlemen style approach, you will always find him fashionable dressed, and well groomed. A gentlemen with class.

In October 1995, he enlisted in the United States Army. He believed so much in the work he was doing that he made the army his career and is currently serving on Active Duty.

Don is also an Afghanistan combat veteran. Thankfully he lived to tell about that too!  Don's heart is set on Baseball, and is a Die hard New York Yankees fan as well as a Dallas Cowboys Fan.

Don believes that it is extremely important to give back and to help people who are truly in need. Very close to his heart is the cause of the homeless veterans in this country. He envisioned a way to raise funds for these fellow servicemen while simultaneously honoring  Family and Friends whom passed away while serving. 

This is how Infinite Skullz Riding Club was born! Why join other MC's or RC's who have Mandatory meetings and Rides.  Why be a prospect, and do everyone elses dirty work. Veterans and Service Members did their time taking orders, this is why Infinite Skullz is so unique because we have our monhly meetings and members are to participate in at least (3) mandatory rides a year. Monthly dues are low, and very Family Orientated. The Riding Club is open to all, to include: Veteran (of All branches), Police, EMT's & firefighters along with their family members and friends. Don wanted a club where people can enjoy the freedom of riding no matter why type of bike you have, and  most of all have fun. We currently have memebers in the NY/NJ Area. We are looking to spread to other states. The ultimate goal is to raise money to help other  veterans in need  during struggling times. Helping One Veteran at a time, when others turn their backs on us.   Don is aka Dapper Don, "The Don" "Boss" "Sonny"

Founder & President
"Jerzy SKullz"

 Vice President
"Empire Skullz"

"Jerzy Skullz & Empire Skullz"