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Road CPT

Dave;  I am a Mechanic by Trade and love working with my hands. If you can buy it great! But to make it is 100 times better. I have only been riding for 2 years but I have always wanted to ride. Careless drivers in the state, kept me off 2 wheels for very long time, But I want to live life and have zero regrets. I look forward to being part of a brotherhood I have heard about for so long! Love giving back to those whom served. Being a part of this club, is very enjoyable. Great people to ride with, and no drama. Very easy going. We are not only riders we are Family. Family is the backbne of this gret organization.  

Joe:  AKA “Bones” : Grew up in Bloomfield, NJ.  Raised in a strict Sicilian home where I was taught that “family always came first”! Moved to Toms River 9 years ago. I am a construction worker by trade. I’m a stand up kinda guy where my word is bond! My passion for riding started as a teenage first, with a dirt bike, and it grew from there. I have owned a few bikes in my time but none of them have ever exceeded my expectations. I bought my first Harley a years ago and my riding expectations were finally met. I have looked into a few riding clubs and none of them were appealing to me until, I found Infinite-Skullz. I was looking for a family oriented club and give back to Veterans across the state and where I can share the experience with my family especially, my granddaughter who just loves motorcycles, and can’t wait to ride herself. I look forward to riding with my brothers. 
Rolando Army Soldier:
Currently lives in NJ, from From Puerto- Rico. Crossbones has a passion in riding and has been riding Motorcycles since a young age. Crossbones has been in other MC's and RC's  prior to joining Infinite Skullz. Crossbones joing ISRC, for their passion in helping Veterans, how the club is very family orientated, and where being a rider can be a rider and not just a club that has mandatory meeting or tell you when to ride and how to ride. Crossbones passion is to ride and give back to those whom are in need. Crossbones Joined in the ARMY to keep the Family tradition going. He has much love for the US flag and our country. Crossbones stated "knowing I am from the Island of Puerto Rico when 9/11 happen I knew that was a sign for me to join the US Army. I wanted to stand proudly next to my  family and friends  whom serve and sacrifice thier lives I need to do my part as a  true American.  Growing up my dad was part of the Screaming  Eagles  Airborne unit,  for me he is a hero and a role model to me. I am  a welder  and have a true passion for this both civilian and Army.
Louie-Louie is my name, I’m so nice they named me twice..Raised in the greatest City ever, Brooklyn, NY. Older than most only by number but young at heart. Old school Soldier finishing what I started. Never quit attitude, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and fun to be aroundytt. Team player with positive attitude. No nonsense, ready/willing and able to fulfill any mission given. Don’t take my kindness for weakness, it can turn out to be an ugly
ending otherwise. Zero tolerance for those who are disrespectful and toxic. Camaraderie, is contagious and love conquers all. God is ever present which is the reason why I live life to the fullest. Being amongst men and women whom have served this great country and are still active is an honor and privilege for me. Proud to live traditional values. Aka: “Patriot”

    "El Toro"
Brian: aka El TORO; Born: Freehold, NJ and currently reside in Barnegat, NJ. I am currently an Information Technology for a school district I am a new rider and joined ISRC for the experience of giving back to those whom served. I also like the strong relationship they have with Family and no drama. Great bunch of respectful riders who take care of each other. My first Bike was a 1985 Honda Magna v30 500cc; I currently riding a 1996 Honda Magna 750cc
I have lived in NJ all my life, and visit mostly all corners of the state, therefore, I'm like a GPS when it comes to places in NJ. When I am out driving or riding in new places I love to get lost to find my way back. My Quote is: “I live to ride! Ride to Live” Things about me: I love being sociable and getting things done.
I am always thinking about the next solution and thinking outside the box.
I love joking around. I will never turn down  free food, drinks, and anything else.I am hoping one day hold an Office position within ISRC. I feel that my knowledge and ideas would bring the Club over the top.

    "Little Bear"
Mike AKA “Torque" I grew up in Nutley NJ with the love of riding motorcycles. I'm a mechanic by trade and can fix anything on 4 wheels. I'm a straight and narrow person and love to be around my family. Family means the world to me. I joined Infinite Skullz Riding Club not only because its  owned by my family but for what we stand for in giving back to our Veterans. Even thou I didn't serve but have family and friends whom served, and by helping out ad giving back is a way I can contribute to our Veterans. Keeping family together and tight and riding with my brothers and sisters is what I love.

Tony (aka Little Tony, T, IT Guy, Uncle)
Little Bear Infinite Skullz RC 
Profession: IT Hardware and Software support: I'm Old but not Old as Hell

Things to know about me:
1. I am the one your Mother warned you about; 2. Sometimes plays well with others, depends on what we are playing; 3. Computer, RC Cars, RC Boats, Cars, Motorcycles and anything I can take apart can be turned into a fun time: 4. I am all cute and cuddly until you force the real bear out; 5. I will do almost anything for Family, even if I haven’t seen them in a long time; Quotes I love and or Live by:
 I am the one your Mother warned you about, if you need to ask I suggest you talk to your  Mom….